A momentous autumn for Rolando

Rolando Villazón has been having a momentous autumn, with major releases and performances across Europe and the United States. This month, Deutsche Grammophon releases his latest album Villazón Verdi, a tribute to the master opera composer’s 200th anniversary. Rheinische Post lauded Rolando’s performance on the album for his vocal “fluency and radiant high notes,” and Musikwoche writes that Rolando’s rendition of “Questo o quella” (Rigoletto) and “O bio rimorso!” (La traviata) with his “smooth and passionate voice reminds us why he is part of the dream cast for these roles.”

In October, Rolando made his highly anticipated return to the United States with a “gloriously” sung Verdi Requiem with the Philadelphia Orchestra (Examiner.com). Rolando “delivered an impressive calling card: He sang his opening “Kyrie” in a single breath. . [H]is voice has more character than ever and just as much splendor” (Philadelphia Inquirer).

Following his concerts with the Orchestra in Philadelphia and at New York’s Carnegie Hall, Rolando has taken to the recital stage with a four-city European tour. “The sound of Villazón’s voice [is] phenomenal,” writes Süddeutsche Zeitung of his Munich performance. “It rests on enormous and deep foundations, rises elegantly and smoothly to a top that never seems far away… there are few tenors with similar vocal power that can produce such a ravishing piano.”