Rolando visits patients in Vienna hospital

The day following his ¡México! concert with the Bolivar Soloists at the Vienna Konzerthaus, Rolando Villazón visited the Viennese hospital SMZ Ost in his capacity as ambassador for the charity Red Noses Clown Doctors. Click here to watch a report.

Rolando commented: “Having worked with the clown doctors, I have experienced first hand what a difference they make in the patients’ lives. The mother of one little boy thanked us because the boy laughed for the first time since his accident. Clowns remind those in pain that they are also their own source of strength. The clowns restore the patients’ humanity. To me, a clown is a representation of the human struggle. He is the one who invents rules for the absurd that govern human life. That is why a clown touches us, making us laugh and making us cry.”