Rolando’s Werther dubbed “nothing short of magnificent”

The first reviews from the May 5 premiere of Werther at Covent Garden have appeared, and they are unanimous in their praise for Rolando Villazon in the title role.  “The Mexican tenor, Rolando Villazon…was nothing short of magnificent,” wrote the Daily Express, rating the performance five out of five stars.  “As he warmed up and his confidence grew, his performance became more assured, his voice stronger, and the raw emotion in his singing was quite wondrous.” In his review for the Telegraph, Rupert Christiansen stated, “By the end of the evening we were reminded why this Mexican tenor caused such a sensation when he appeared on the scene seven years ago.”  And the Independent, also giving the performance five of five possible stars, reminded readers that “one should never underestimate the vocal skill which enables [Villazon] to achieve those affecting dynamic nuances, those subito piano effects achieved on the portamento.  Or indeed the big-hearted intensity of feeling which finds release in the top C of act two’s thrilling climax.” Werther at the Royal Opera House at Covent Garden runs through May 21.

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