Tune in: Rolando hosts “Saturday Classics” and premieres Don Giovanni documentary on BBC

Ahead of his Mozart Concert Arias performance at London’s Cadogan Hall on May 6, Rolando Villzón celebrates the composer on the BBC on April 26 as part of the network’s 18th-century-themed season.

Rolando hosts BBC Radio 3’s “Saturday Classics” this Saturday, April 26 from 2:00pm – 4:00pm BST. Listen online here. That evening at 8:30pm BST, Rolando’s documentary “Mozart in Prague: Rolando Villazón on Don Giovanni” premieres on BBC2. The television feature was filmed earlier this year in Prague, where Don Giovanni had its premiere on October 29, 1787. In the forthcoming documentary, Rolando explores the run-up to that candle-lit first performance, looking at the music of the opera and the social setting in which it was first performed, before recreating in great detail the finale of the opera as it would have looked and sounded on that autumn evening. By talking with a range of experts and drawing on historical sources, Rolando brings to life the period’s setting, costumes and audience and presents a detailed portrait of the world in which the opera was first performed.

On May 6, Rolando returns to London for his celebrated program of Mozart Concert Arias at London’s Cadogan Hall with the Kammerorchester Basel.