Rolando Announces the Program for Mozartwoche 2019

As the Artistic Director of Mozartwoche, Rolando has just announced his programming for Mozartwoche 2019, marking the first season that Rolando programs the festival in its entirety.

In his programming, Rolando aims to emphasize the collaborative and universal spirit of Mozart, highlighting choral works and works featuring a singer and solo instrument. These performances will feature some of the greatest artists in classical music today, including Daniel Barenboim, Sir András Schiff, Bernard Haitink, Mitsuko Uchida, René Pape, Cecilia Bartoli, Janine Jansen, Mahler Chamber Orchestra, Wiener Philharmoniker, and more.

The festival incorporates innovative interpretations of Mozart’s work, including Mozart Kabarett with Austrian slam poet Lisa Eckhart, Mozart Preposteroso with mime Nola Rae, and Mozart’s Amazing Shadows with Catapult, as well as lectures from leading academics, including Juri Viehoff (“Mozart, A Man of the Enlightenment”) and Lyanda Lynn Haupt (“Mozart’s Starling”).

Writing on the mission and importance of the festival in the 21st century, Rolando shares, “Through his universal power, Mozart brings people together. In times when the dangerous voices of division are screaming loudly, threatening to drown out what can unite us as human beings, we have prepared this Mozart Week in the Mozartian spirit of inclusion, togetherness and integration.”

Rolando will continue to serve as the Artistic Director of Mozartwoche until 2023.