Rolando Performs at Red Noses Clown Doctors International Gala

On June 20, Rolando Villazón lends his incredible voice to support the Red Noses Clown Doctors International (Zdravotní klaun) at their annual Gala.

For the past ten years, Rolando has served as the organization’s “Humour Ambassador” and has accompanied the organization on many visits to hospital and retirement homes as “Dr. Rollo.” Rolando shares:

I have been a passionate ambassador of the RED NOSES for many years… RED NOSES clowns are able to turn tears into a smile. They bring happiness and color into the hospital room. With the brilliance of a rainbow, they transport sick people to a world filled with colors, motion, light and freedom. And their poetry remains long after they are gone.

At present, 86 clown doctors in the Czech Republic regularly visit 62 hospitals and 8 retirement homes, making over 3,700 visits each year.

The concert will be held at Prague Castle, where Rolando will be joined by pianist Carrie-Ann Matheson.