On March 4 and May 24, Rolando Villazón reunites with renowned harpist Xavier de Maistre for two concerts where they’ll present their “Serenata latina”program. Based on their 2020 Deutsche Grammophon album Serenata latina, the program features songs and canzones by Carlos Guastavino, Antonio Estevez, Yvette Souviron, Silvio Rodriguez, and others.

Rolando Villazón on Serenata latina:

“This album is a collection of beautiful traditional folk and art songs from my big homeland – when you come from Latin America, all other Latin countries feel like siblings,” explains Villazón. “Its themes vary from nature to love, from grief for the spirits of the dead to the joy of being alive. Throughout, we can admire the art and sensibility of the Latin American composers who drank from the European tradition to create their music but remained rooted in the soil of our rich, colourful, sometimes melancholic yet always resilient culture.”

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